I'm not an (archaic) rapper

I’m a Senior Software Engineer currently looking for work. I’ve been coding professionally for 9 years and as a hobbyist for 13 years.

I enjoy working in C#, C++ and golang, but I’m also a competent Java and Python developer. I have worked with Bash and Powershell pretty heavily, and was the primary maintainer of devops pipelines on each of my teams during my tenure at Microsoft so I’m no stranger to yaml.

I’ve worked with many different database technologies (Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Sqlite, Postgres, Mongo, Cosmos) and many different OS environments (Windows XP/2003 through 11, CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu, SLES/SUSE), as well as Docker and Kubernetes.

In my free time I enjoy:

  • Wrenching on my project car, a 1995 BMW 525iT
  • Playing classical piano, mostly Chopin with some Beethoven/Liszt thrown in for fun
  • Volunteering as a Pianist/Bassist in my church worship team
  • Riding my bike, including training for STP - Seattle to Portland ride
  • Spending time with my wife and toddler